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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Just to clear it up

Don't get me wrong, I like it when people stop by and leave a tag.

Please refrain from making the mistake that I am male.

I am, without question or doubt, wholeheartedly female.

So please, don't call me dude or bro.  I don't have the genetic equiptment for it.  That's what my husband is for.  (A fact which I am greatful for by the way)

And Sinja, should you stop by - I lost the recipe for Crackhead.  Send it so I can post it will you?  WFD needs you!

fallen mused at 10:49 pm
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Monday, September 05, 2005
Uh huh

So I'm supposed to think that celebrities are warm and fuzzy because they have telethons for victims of disasters.

Guess again.

The only warm and fuzzy feelings I have right now are for complete strangers opening their homes, police who are trying their damndest, the us national guard, the canadian search team, regular people who donate time and money, and relief agencies.

I don't care about people who make 25 million dollars a film before profit shares and all the other extras hosting events geared to making Joe Average open his wallet.

Joe Average gets my applause.  He doesn't make 25 million for one job. 

Sometimes I wonder about a culture that encourages 'well known faces to use their fame to help others"

Fame?  Give them money.  Go volunteer somewhere.  I don't even need to hear about it.  It doesn't impress me.

The impoverished in N.O. don't want your goddamn name, they want water, food, shelter, medical attention and the hell out of that mess. 

And as for those assholes shooting at people trying to help, grow the fuck up.  This isn't cowboys and indians.  Or a replay of Blackhawk Down.  They're there for you and yours.  You ask for help, don't shoot at it you morons.


fallen mused at 10:08 am
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Push Makes the Best Little Graphics

Woman....I had to use that rag doll.  Had to.

If anyone else wants to see the wonderful graphics she makes, her link is under credits.

Please save anything you want to use from her page on your own server.  Hotlinking will anger Mr Fibble.  We don't want that.

fallen mused at 04:54 pm
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
A Small Announcement

Thanks to Melly, sweetheart that she is....

It's Ba-ack!

Ok...shoo....back to your lives now.

fallen mused at 11:20 pm
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Friday, August 12, 2005
Go figure, I'm Stewie

You scored as Stewie Griffin.

Stewie Griffin


Lois Griffin


Meg Griffin


Glen Quagmire


Joe Swanson




Brian Griffin


Mayor Adam West


Peter Griffin


Chris Griffin


Which Family Guy Character Are You? *with pics*
created with QuizFarm.com

fallen mused at 05:36 pm
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
A meme

In accordance with the Music Memoirs wednesday surprise (and one I was highly amused by), here is my list of the worst songs I have ever heard:

1.  Seasons in the Sun - I hate Terry Jacks, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.
2.  My Heart Will Go On.  I cannot apologize enough from Canada for unleashing that harpy on the rest of the world.
3.  Please Don't Go Girl.  Like I'd let the New Kids off the hook for foisting that on us.
4.  Naughty Girls Need Love Too.  Ick.  Makes me want to shower.
5.  Who Let the Dogs Out?  I don't know.  But find out and shut the hell up already!
6.  When The Children Cry.  Come on now, that's just whiney.
7.  I Will Always Love You.  Apparently she will still love Bobby even after he knocks her on her ass.  Boo on you Whitney!
8.  Amazed.  It makes me want to gouge my eyes out and cut my ears off.  Stupid Lonestar.
9.  Supermodel.  Sashay and Chante your damn ass out of here.
10.  I think we're alone now.   Well Tiffany, if we were alone, I'd be trying my damndest to escape from whatever room you locked me in.  That's just inhuman.
11.  Achy Breaky Heart.  Someone had to say it.
12.  The Ketchup Song /  Macarena and any other song with some stupid dance attached to it in a foreign language.  Enough already.

I'll leave it at twelve.  It hurts to think of any more.

Go here to play along.

fallen mused at 10:53 pm
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Sunday, July 31, 2005
I hate the heat

I don't tolerate it well.  Nor do I tolerate people well when it is this damn hot.

Basement suites are supposed to be cooler.  Apparently someone forgot to tell ours that.  I'm beginning to think the door is closed and that is why there is no airflow.

I managed not to get to do anything today that I really wanted to.  I get my new fish tomorrow, we get our window lock tomorrow and I have to figure out lunch. 

How am I going to sneak organic veggies for my salad past him tomorrow?  Meh.  Might as well just bring them in and let it fall as it may.  Our dinner groceries for the week are already done since we're having pasta all week.

40 dollars for 6 meals = super cheap.  And that's for two of us.

I also think I found the airline we're taking back east.  It's the cheapest yet.

fallen mused at 09:40 pm
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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Stuff and Things

The BB is still bitter.  But she's being nice.  And that is more unsettling than the bitchy crap.

Z, you are very much so a Hussy.  Then again so am I.  So there.  Nyah.

My great uncle passed away Tuesday.  He was in his 80's.  He always seemed like such a large man to me.  He was here for my high school graduation.  I can remember him and his late wife sitting in my living room and letting out the too often heard:

"She's all grown up.  I remember when she was just this big (hands just above knee level) and getting into the books at Vera's. (Vera is my grandfather's late and much loved wife, and Grandmother to me.  Gran was the other grandmother and also a Vera but she was a loud, boisterous woman from Newfoundland, and Grandmother was a reserved woman with one hell of a temper from Saskatoon)"

Rest easy Uncle John.  May the journey onward be peaceful.  You won't be forgotten.

fallen mused at 08:50 pm
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Is there no end?

I work with a bitter unpleasant person.  More unpleasant than me on a bad day when she has a rare good day.  She came in bitching, I left and she still was.

Don't get me started on how long that day dragged on for.  I don't want to turn into her complaining about every little thing.

Let's talk about how much paper I pushed today.  I was dang proud of the slowly slimming piles of credits around me.  Most of them are the bitter woman's and there are more coming.  She's not going to like how long it's going to take.  Seriously.  Going to be until the end of the month if she's lucky.

I got the day after the man's tournament off.  I should probably tell him that before I post this. 

Also, I lasted a year in this place so far.  A year ago I was walking in and hoping like hell that I could handle what they threw at me.  I've triumphed I tell you.

One woman commented on how fast this year has gone.  I tend to agree.  I still need to ask questions but since every situation is different, it helps to find out each time.  I've learned much and met some interesting characters.  One day I'll talk about Mr Chicken.  He's more interesting than Mr Long Hair, Mr Sore Back or Captain Swears Too Much.  I don't know if I'll be working with Mr Chicken for much longer, but he's made for some interesting tidbits.

I'm hoping to learn even more in the next 365 days.  I get a pin to commemorate this momentous occasion next week.

fallen mused at 08:11 pm
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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Methods to my madness

There really is a reason for everything I do, even if it doesn't seem that way.  I've come to the conclusion that things shouldn't suprise me.  Well certain things shouldn't.

Things are rolling right along, we're almost done with the week from hell.  Mom's birthday is today and it is the last of them for a while.  For this, we're thankful.  We're going to go see if the guy my brother refers to the idiot at HBC really is an idiot.  I'm guessing he is all things considered.

I want to get out with my camera and just click for hours.  Playing with it is the only way I can learn how it works.  Digital imagery at my fingertips.  Just means I have to get PSP soon so I can edit it.

It takes pictures in black and white, sepia and colour.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I can see though the lens.

Off for a day of "mom's choice"

fallen mused at 09:41 am
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