Entry: Ahh the long weekend Friday, September 23, 2005

I have managed to snare a coveted long weekend right before the managers are to arrive for the annual meeting.

The goddess of payables just got her kitten tonight so I feel a little badly since she wanted a few days to get the resident cat used to having Magoo (that's his name - no idea if he's nearsighted at all) around and in her stuff.  Spooky has been around other cats so it might not be too traumatic.

I have much baking to do monday since we are indeed having managers in.  I'm looking forward to putting faces to names.  They're all vastly different in temperment.  However, I really want to meet the old man.  And not just because he owes me lunch.


September 26, 2005   06:23 AM PDT
yay for long weekends!

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