Entry: Consider it updated Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yeah yeah yeah.

Month of November is kicking my ass.  I update Music Memoirs because I made a commitment.

This poor little blog is as neglected as my overweight cat.  He's on an organic diet by the way.

My hair now has red tips but it needs to be evened out a little.  I like the colour, I just need it to be one solid block. 

I went dancing over the weekend.  Tired myself out, had a wonderful time and made the beginning steps to getting a new corset.

My brother was here and is gone again.

My niece is still a monster.  I may see her next weekend.

Inventory in T-Minus 10 days.

Life again in 11 days.


Dark Angel
November 14, 2005   12:05 AM PST
as promised. I am your first commenter! Woot woot! :D Your cats overweight?? Mine to...this is sad...they should have a excerise class for overweight cats...I can see it now...in a warped, twisted way...very very warped...impossible for cats O.o

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