Entry: Damn Plecos Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I had, and I do mean had, 5 neons, 2 zebra danios, two black skirt tetras, one albino cory, one betta and one pleco.

Thanks to the lazy and ravenous pleco, I now have 1 neon, 1 danio, two black skirt tetras, one albino cory, one betta with a tumor and the pleco.

Needless to say feeding him has become too expensive and the nice people at our local pet store have decided to exchange him for a smaller one and some replacement fish.

Proteus, you ate yourself out of a home.

Did I mention he's a mutant?

He is.

Chewy is still a fat cat.  Slightly smaller though.

Inventory is over.  We have to do it again in March and the possibility lurks of being sent to Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton or Montreal.

Since I don't speak french well enough to be bilingual, I might get out of Montreal.  There are five of us who can adjust inventory.

Almost 10 who can bin it in the proper location (this includes the 5 of us previously mentioned).

As long as the company pays my way, I'm willing to go. I have family in Hamilton so that would be the cheapest option.  I suspect the 'Peg though. 


the truth about deez
December 3, 2005   06:23 AM PST
I'm sorry about your psychofishie, but at least you're getting some others. What others are you going to get for replacements?

Fat cats are great :p

December 1, 2005   12:10 AM PST
Happy Warmthist, big "sis"!

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