TheCurlyOne » Happy New Year
pitt » aramak tutup mata ah...isk isk.. aurat aurat ah.......
Scyleia » I miss your posts
Andrea » Hey there!
shawna » you've been quiet... how's tricks?
Genie » that 'damn netspeak' pic is soooo cute!
Andrea » Hugs
HotRod » Intresting place u have here. COOL!!
Andrea » You owe me chica, I just posted Take Me Back Tuesday again
Scyleia » Happy holidays sis *squiiiiiish*
shawna » hey, can you tag this blog I made for my secret sis?
Giggles » I hope you're having a fabulous holiday season, fallen!!! *huggles*
Scyleia » *poke poke*
Adawehi » Hiya
Deirdre »
the truth about deez » i can't link you tho, u have right click disabled If you would like, I'll send u a cool code that will allow you to still have the right click disabled but let ppl have ur blinkie for their blog.
the truth about deez » yay! I'm officially getting updates from fallen! I feel cool
Melly » thats ok, no problem.
Zombie » Stopping in to say hi because I suck and stuff.
the truth about deez » Hi I found you by way of freudianslip, just wanted to say hello. I do like your blinkie.
Melissa » Heyllo... Very kool Blog!!!! ^.^
Giggles » Yay!!! I'm glad you survived!! Now...maybe you can update again?
Splotch! » Hiya Fallenthropy!
Andrea » Hugs to you
shawna » *hugs*
Giggles » Disappearing again? Well, just make sure you come back, that's all! Don't let inventory kick your ass, either! *hugs*
Areyougod » Way to pwn me back, damnit.
Areyougod » Pwnt.
shawna » *hugs*
Giggles » Morning Sweetness! I'm glad to see that you're back again! *hugs*
Scyleia » Hi beautiful
Andrea » Hi there chica
Andrea » Hugs for you
Scyleia » *poke*
Scyleia » Your apprentice is back...yipeee! *squish squish*
Authenticia »
plh » thanks
Scyleia » *squiiiish*
Andrea » Hugs to you. I played both memes now
HotRod » OOO nice header
Scyleia » *poke*
shawna » Amazon hugs!
Scyleia » My blog is back up *squish squish squish*
Christina. » Happy Thanksgiving!
Andrea » Have some hugs sweetie, it's finally Friday
Laura » I'm so so sorry for disappearing for so long. I'll write soon and explain my slacker-ness. Big hugs to you...
Harmonia AKA Jennair » Hi there! Happy Weekend!
Penny » Hi, Fallen ... it's been a while but I'm finally finding all of my "lost" blogs (crashed computer). Hope all is well!
Melly » hello wonderful
jive » wait you aren't a dude? haha miss ya
jive » stewie rocks
Laura » *squish*
psychadelic » hey
Achehnese » Cool bro
Rentjong » Best site
Luvlesswriter » <--texan
Andrea » Yay its Friday!
shawna » hugs and TGIF
Andrea » hugs to you
Scyeia » *muah muah* I haven't forgotten you!
Christina » Hey there Fallen .. just dropping by to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend!
Andrea » Friday taggies coming your way.
Deirdre » *hugs*
Andrea » dropping off some hugs
Deirdre »
Melly » did ya miss me.
Deirdre » Hey Fallen. *Hugs*
Andrea » Hola chica
Giggles » Hiya sweetness!!! I hope everything is wonderful in your world!!
Andrea » Hey there chica
Lily Rach » I totally agree with that Netspeak thing.
shawna » hey beautiful girl
Andrea » Taggy time!
walrus » just blog-hoppin'...
Andrea » Thursday taggies.
HotRod » hey nice blog it looks great keep up the good work
Melly » *hugs* i moved the layout over for the dinner blog.
Andrea » Happy Friday
Deirdre » I'm doing ok. Just getting ready for a big weekend. My baby sister's baby came home yesterday from the hospital and we're throwing them a party! Wanna come?
Deirdre » Hey Fallen!! How ya been?
Andrea » Tagging by with some hugs
Scyleia » I have good news! *hug hug*
shawna » *Amazon hugs*
Andrea » Happy Friday chica
Fallen » All green on the western front. Thanks hun. I'll try to catch you on msn so we can catch up.
Scyleia » BTW, I like your Godchecker. They have a feed in green...if you click my name and scroll down you can see it
Scyleia » I'm sorry I haven't been around hardly at all. I hope you're doing well I'll leave myself online for the next few days and see if I can catch you on messenger. *squish*
Andrea » Just tagging by
Hallie » hello, nice blog here!
Friday » Can I tell you how nice it is to receive visits from you again? Nice indeed.
Scyleia » *hug*
Zombie » *stamps foot* I am not a hussy you Hoser!
Andrea » Hugs to you
HATE » Just popping by...saying hello!
scyleia » *dancing across tagboard*
scyleia » *dancing across tagboard*
scyleia » *dancing across tagboard*
Melly » Happy Birthday! It didn't stick earlier. *looks for my pressie to fallen*
Christina. » Hi Fallen ... Happy Birthday hun! *hugs* Have a wonderful day and, enjoy yourself! *smiles*
Scyleia » *squiiiiiiish*